Born in Athens, I have started drawing at an early age. Eventually, I went to study Art and Design in Greece first, then Fine Art in the UK and Graphic Design in Spain, setting in the seeds of a general passion extending its branches into the skies of photography, painting, video art and several mixed media. 

My goal is to transmit this  passion for Art to others as a teacher. Through my experience in teaching young persons and occupy them with creative activities, I have learned to inspire and help them expand their imagination in a therapeutic manner.

More details contact : evikast@gmail.com

The subjects of those, wide-ranging however balanced between abstract and figurative, are here showed for such an end. So far I have exhibited, and my passion, in many place:

"Walk in Art" exhibition in nature, group show with solo exhibition espace with 10 f my artworks including paintings and photograpy in Vatolakkos, Chania, Crete, in August 2018.
 WEDO Giving Project Exhibition for the blind with 10 small scale works including drawing, collage and painting on paper. Group show at the Athens School of Fine Arts in Athens, Greece in May 2018.

Group Exhibition "VARYPINITES: Condemnation or Atonement", Tsichritzi Foundation of Fine Arts www.iett.gr, Athens, Kifissia, with my painting "Tree of a Life" from 11 to 23 April 2018.

Solo exhibition "Evika St Art - Circle of Life" at St.George's Gate in Heraklion, exhibiting art and jewelry alongside "Chrysolithos" jewelry makers in Crete in November 2016.

Group arts and crafts show and bazaar of my art pieces "Mandala Art", volunteer art facilitator of energy drawing and painting for healing, relaxation at the 2nd Festival of Contemporary Life in Athens, Greece, May 2016.    

Exhibition of posters with representation of my screen-printed art piece "Sumo Wrestlers". Group Show with Seeme.com at the Louvre, Paris, France, July 2015.

Solo exhibition of paintings "Dream Shades" at Melanithros | Art Space in Kallimarmaro, Athens, Greece, 10-25 October 2014.

Photo Contest entitled "I Love Crete" in Sand Gate (Hall Sabbionara) in Chania, 1-7 July 2013.
The Municipality of Chania in cooperation with the largest online community of Crete "I ♥ Crete" presented selected photos with my photo "The Goat in turquoise" to be included in the top 30 and then in the top 10.

Fête des Artistes, Rue de l'Université, street exhibition solo art space of my work with drawings and photography on the 30th and 31st of March 2012 at Montpellier, France.

Art Gallery Pelagia Marmara, visual display of my paintings and drawings from 09/2010 until 07/2011 in Plaka, Athens, Greece.

Ash in Art Gallery “15 years old” exhibition, Athens, Greece, February 2009.
Poster in Patision street park with my painting. Exhibition of my original painting "Alex" at the gallery dedicated to the fifteen years old boy Alexi.

Cheap Art 2006, Thessaloniki, Greece, June 2006
Group show at Thessaloniki Mylos Gallery including small paintings.

Athens Video Art Festival 2006, Athens, Greece, April 2006
Video Art Competition presenting a video entitled “Strrrange…” by Irisa Ohno and Evika Stamataki.

Cheap Art 2005, Athens, Greece December, 2005
Christmas exhibition at Athens Cheap Art Gallery A.Antonopoulou including paintings and photographic material.

Reading University Finalists Show 2003, Reading, UK, June 2003
Exhibition Show including video installation with short-films entitled “Daydreaming” and “Highlights” supported by photography.

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